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Books 1-6
When Ginger Mitchell moves back home to Portland after a stint in Vegas as a high-class escort, she finds a lot more going on than fancy food trucks and put-a-bird-on-it hipsters. Murders are being passed off as suicides. College-aged women keep going missing. And then there's the troubling spate of mobsters who keep inviting her out to eat. With a bit of cash saved up from her last job, and no one around to tell her not to, Ginger decides to become a detective, and find out exactly what's gone wrong in the City of Roses. First up: Her mother's "suicide."

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Books 7-12
In the short time since Ginger Mitchell abandoned her high-class Vegas life to become a private investigator in Portland, she’s taken down an entire crime ring and a corrupt police department. Not bad for her first year on the job. 

But it’s not like all that crime-fighting ended up making Ginger’s life easier. Darlene, the crime boss who killed her mother, is still at large. Ginger’s brother is missing. Hired hit men are after her. There’s a gang war brewing. And worst of all, people keep turning up dead on rooftops. Missing their hearts.
Can Ginger save her brother, save the city, and finally put an end to Darlene? Or will Ginger end up just like her mother, a ghost?

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Books 13-18
Ginger Mitchell just accomplished what others told her was the impossible—she caught the deadliest serial killer in modern history. But there’s no rest for the weary, as Darlene, the woman who murdered Ginger’s mother, is still on the loose. It was bad enough when she was manipulating Ginger from afar, but Darlene has returned to Portland to cause up-close-and-personal havoc, this time under the identity of Isabelle Dunkirk.
The police don’t believe there’s a connection between Darlene and Isabelle. And all of Ginger’s less-than-law-abiding friends keep turning on her. Ginger’s tired of losing to Darlene, so she keeps trying, even if it means doing so alone. Meanwhile, Darlene keeps trying to kill her. Since Darlene always seems to be one step ahead of Ginger, does this mean Ginger’s next move will be her last?

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Part One: Home Is Where the Start Is
Nothing about her Ginger's mother's suicide adds up, but no one else even wants to entertain the idea that it could’ve been murder. No one that is, except the ghost of her mother, who keeps scaring the crap out of her. It’s probably just a psychotic break because of the grief, right? Sure.  
In any case, it’s during one of these visits from Ghost Mom that Ginger decides to solve the murder on her own. And look, that hippie kid running down the street after a muscle car right now probably needs help. Another case!

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Part Two: The Ruth Is Out There
Sorority sister Ruth finds herself alone in the middle of nowhere, and she’s only got a swimsuit on. Well, technically, part of swimsuit. She has no clue where she is. All Ruth has is the phone number of Ginger, the girl she saved from the frat boys the day before, scribbled on her arm. Hopefully Ginger really is a detective, and can figure out where Ruth is, and how on earth Ruth got wherever the hell she is.  
Can Ginger solve case number two before Ruth freezes to death in the Oregon forest? Or gets eaten by methheads? They eat people, right?  

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Part Three: The Body in the Pool
It’s a beautiful morning in Portland, and there’s a dead body floating in a pool. Cops say it’s suicide. 
But Ginger Mitchell doesn’t think so. She’s starting to suspect someone inside the Portland Police Department is trying to make things seem rosier in the City of Roses. No murders, only suicides. Just like her mom’s case. 
If that wasn’t enough, a friend of Ginger’s brother needs his briefcase recovered from the prostitute who stole it from him. So serious time in seedy motels is in order.  
Ginger’s got her work cut out.

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Part Four: Amber Alert
Ginger Mitchell is on a roll. No longer just a pretty face and a bangin’ body, she’s become quite the detective, having solved her first murder. Now, her best friend Amber’s sister has disappeared in the quaint ski town of Pine Bluff, Oregon. 
Once in Pine Bluff, Ginger finds there are more women missing. And then even more women go missing. If she can’t recover them soon, Ginger will likely find herself among the lost.

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Part Five: Jane Dead
Ginger Mitchell, unlicensed PI, has no leads on her mother’s murder. So she does what any self-respecting unlicensed PI would do and steals her mother’s open case files. Maybe there’s a lead there. 
Nope. No lead. But there is a Jane Doe murder that is intriguing, and it leads to a high-class brothel, The Fantasy Club. Nobody ever said criminals are good at naming things. What’s available for purchase at The Fantasy Club is seriously disturbing, and Ginger’s wants to shut it down and escort the owners to jail. 
But the closer she thinks she’s getting to unraveling the mess, the bigger the mess becomes. Ginger might be in over her head. At least she can look forward to lunch with the Russian Mob? Mmm, borscht.

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Part Six: Welcome to Roseland
It’s time for Ginger Mitchell to focus on taking down the big man behind the Portland crime scene. Which should be easy, except, well, that man is a woman. And no one knows anything about her, other than she’s terrifying. And the mystery lady crime boss is definitely tied to Ginger’s mother’s murder, but Ginger can’t prove it. Yet.  
Oh, and just to fill her copious free time, Ginger’s brother promised she would find his friend’s missing daughter. Who’s somewhere in Portland, most likely with militant environmentalists planning the end of humanity. Super. 
Of course, it would be a whole lot easier to finish solving these cases if the Portland Police would just stop arresting her. 

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Part Seven: Typhoid Larry
Ginger Mitchell should be proud of how far she’s come since she abandoned her high-class Vegas life to become a private investigator in Portland. Taking down an entire crime ring and a corrupt police department wasn’t bad for her first year on the job. 
But there’s no time for praise right now, because Darlene, the crime boss who killed her mother, is more than a little pissed at Ginger. So in revenge, Darlene's kidnapped her brother. Ginger’s determined to stop Darlene and save her brother, but because the Portland police department is busy crumbling under corruption, Ginger's the only person available to investigate the Typhoid fever epidemic erupting around Portland.
As if that weren’t enough, Darlene won’t stop calling Ginger to taunt her. See, people are turning up dead on rooftops, and Darlene’s laughing at Ginger being unable to catch the killer.
Oh, also, those people, dead, on rooftops? Their hearts are missing . . .
Can Ginger save her brother, save the city, and finally put an end to Darlene? Or has Ginger's nemesis found her revenge?
As if that weren’t enough, Darlene calls Ginger to taunt her, and the true games begin. 
People are turning up dead on rooftops. 
With their hearts cut out . . .
Can Ginger save her brother, save the city, and finally put an end to Darlene? Or has Ginger's nemesis found her revenge?

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Part Eight: So Tong, Farewell
You know, the hits just keep coming for Ginger Mitchell. Hits that would’ve killed her already, had it not been for Ginger's mother's ghost warning her about the drive-by shootings and home-invading hit men. 
Beyond the hired killers, the world seems to conspire against Ginger, keeping her busy with things other than catching Darlene, the crazed serial killer who’s responsible for that whole ghost mother thing. 
Like the huge rock band who wants Ginger to find one of their biggest fans. A fan who went missing in the middle of a sold-out show. 
Plus, bodies keep showing up on rooftops, and the Feds who’ve come in to clean up the Portland Police Department can’t seem to find any leads at all. Except for Ginger, who they’re all too happy to throw into an interrogation room. Again.
So, yeah. Ginger will get back to nabbing Darlene just as soon as she finds the missing girl, provides an alibi, and finds the OTHER serial killer running around town. 
Guess that date with the cute doctor is just going to have to wait.

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Part Nine: Death Comes From Behind
Call her crazy, but Ginger’s starting to like having a ghost for a mother.
After all, Violet’s saved her daughter’s life twice already, and it turns out the disgusting can she left in the freezer held a lot more than just revolting coffee. 
All in all a pretty good deal, as far as dead mothers go.
Not that Violet can help with Ginger’s current case though. Ginger's after a “doctor” who’s getting rich injecting women with mystery fluid to boost their booties. Two women are in the hospital while one is in the morgue.
Ginger might end up there too, if her plan to trap the woman doesn’t work.

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Part Ten:  Scratch ‘n Snitch
It’s never good when you realize the serial killer you’re after is at least a step ahead of you. But that’s what’s happening to Ginger – just as she was about to bring the police a witness able to identify the Rooftop Killer, the Rooftop Killer put that witness’ head in her fridge. Her only lead gone cold. 
Speaking of cold, a retired cop buddy of Harrison’s wants Ginger to look into a case he was never able to definitively solve. Six years ago, a girl went missing and a grieving father ended up in jail. 
But was it the father who got rid of the girl in the first place, like the detective believes? Or is there something more? Ginger just can’t tell. She was supposed to be getting better at the whole detective thing, yet lately the only thing she could detect was more questions.
On top of that, bodies are still appearing on rooftops, Darlene's still on the loose, and a bunch of Cartel hit men are still out to murder Ginger. With all of this looming, Ginger's wondering who’s going to find her head in the fridge.

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Part Eleven: Slightly Off Killer
Maybe the only thing scarier than facing down a crazed hit man aiming to kill you is dealing with Rhino being pissed at you for facing down a crazed hit man by yourself. Ginger’s been cavalier in her pursuit of both the Rooftop Killer and Darlene, and the big Samoan is sick of it.
But the duo has to make up quickly, because app developer extraordinaire Shannon Melby beckons. Someone’s stolen his life’s work, and if he doesn’t get it back in the next 48 hours, he’ll lose millions. 
Ginger does her best to close the case as quickly as possible, but Portland's latest serial killer, RTK, decides to start contacting her directly with condescending clues for her to find the bodies he's left. Swell.
Luckily Ginger thinks she's got a way to get an upper hand over RTK.
She and Rhino are hot on his tail, and they just might be able to put a stop to the killings, and catch the madman.

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Part Twelve: To Unleash the Beast
Ginger Mitchell is so close to catching the Rooftop Killer, she can almost taste it. But that could just be the blood in her mouth from getting knocked the eff out. Who else would’ve attacked her on a roof besides RTK?
And while Ginger’s in the hospital (though not seeing her cute doctor boyfriend), someone tries to kidnap one of Ginger’s Dannys, a member of her spy network. You don’t mess with Ginger’s Dannys. So Ginger’s got to find the perv and bring him to justice so her team can get back out into Portland and find the serial killer.
To top it all off, just as things are coming to a head with RTK, guess who says she’s coming back to town, ready to off Ginger once and for all? Darlene. 

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