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Roseland Series 3


The thrilling conclusion to the Darlene Cycle!

Ginger Mitchell, former call girl and now sort-of private investigator, just accomplished what others told her was the impossible—she caught the deadliest serial killer in modern history. But there’s no rest for the weary, or the wicked, as Darlene, the woman who murdered Ginger’s mother, is still on the loose. It was bad enough when she was manipulating Ginger from afar, but Darlene has returned to Portland to cause up-close-and-personal havoc, this time under the identity of Isabelle Dunkirk.

The police don’t believe there’s a connection between Darlene and Isabelle. And all of Ginger’s less-than-law-abiding friends keep turning on her. Even her partner seems to be working against her! Rhino keeps accepting other cases on her behalf, and he seems to be constantly picking fights. Their partnership picked a shitty time to fall apart.

But Ginger’s tired of losing to Darlene, so she keeps trying, even if it means doing so alone. And meanwhile, Darlene keeps trying to kill her. Since Darlene always seems to be one step ahead of Ginger, does this mean Ginger’s next move will be her last?

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