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Tuesday's Apocalypse

Bo Anderson was just a janitor with a job to do when he first came up against the end of the world. 

He didn’t realize that on any given day, the apocalypse looms closer than we think, or that our very existence often depends on the over-worked employees of a little-known government agency with a boring, forgettable name: The Bureau of External Affairs.

But when Bo manages to clean up a bloodbath caused by an extra-dimensional entity who's poised to devour the universe as we know it -- and do it without his brain turning to gray goo -- Bo is tapped as the newest BEA recruit. For his first assignment on the job, he and his partner have to stop an underground cult in New York City dangerously close to bringing an eldritch god over to this realm. Their help is limited – two veterans are dead, the most senior field officer is in intensive care, and the head of the Bureau is healing from gunshot wounds while trying to keep the president from unleashing nuclear force.

There's nothing quite like depending on two under-supported government employees to save the world.

Tuesday’s Apocalypse is the first book in a series of thrilling, page-turning adventures where Lovecraftian horror and fast-paced action collide: The Dark Bureau.

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