The Hunter Smith Adventures

The Mexico Affair
Hunter Smith thought his thrill-seeking days were over when he retired from the Marines and enrolled in college. But when his archaeology professor tells him about an old journal detailing the location of a forgotten people's treasure, Hunter realizes he can't let the guy go it alone. Dr. Stephen Crawley, PhD could barely find his own in the parking lot, yet he'd decided he could fly to war-torn Mexico, sneak into cartel territory, and find priceless gold. And get home in one piece. 
So, the two men embark on the adventure of a lifetime, just Stephen and Hunter, going for the gold. Sure, they'd need a pilot to fly down discreetly, but that's it. And maybe a student to do all the tedious research. And maybe one more for the digging. Stephen, Hunter, a pilot, and a grad student. Or two. Maybe three. But that's it. This will be easy.

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Doctor Apocalypse
Hunter Smith spent his winter vacation finding treasure in the Mexican wilderness, so he figured something a little more traditional for Spring Break — a week at the beach — would be just what the doctor ordered. 

But Stephen Crawley, PhD, also a doctor fond of issuing orders, couldn't help but pull Hunter in when a young scientist disappears from his lab at a prominent pharmaceutical company. Stephen enlists the retired Marine, along with a few friends, and the group is off around the globe once again, hoping to save everyone who needs it, and some who don't. 
Deadly viruses, intimidating mercenaries, apocalyptic cults, evil geniuses, rude Quebecois — Doctor Apocalypse is a rip-roaring adventure tale you'll stay up late to read under the covers with a flashlight.

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The Sea Wolves' Lair
Hunter Smith 3: This time, it’s Nazis!
For legendary adventurer Hunter Smith, Marine duty in the most war-torn, treacherous places on Earth was only vaguely less appealing than finals week at Miskatonic University. And oddly, he never seems to be able to leave one life behind for the other. Just as he starts to settle into summer vacation, Hunter’s friend Arthur is kidnapped.
Arthur’s uncovered the location of a lost Nazi submarine base he believes holds a stockpile of gold and treasure, and a mysterious billionaire is desperate for the information. Hunter Smith and his friends are forced into action, traveling to Antarctica at the worst possible time of the year.
Now, having crash-landed into the most extreme environment on Earth, Hunter and company must find the Nazi base, or face certain death in the Arctic tundra.
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