The Pine Bluff Chronicles



Pretty Little Snacks

Kayla Martinez hates her new life. She's ripped from Manhattan because her mother's career landed them in the middle of nowhere. Pine Bluff, Oregon, to be exact. 
The townsfolk are clearly crazy, and they definitely stare at Kayla, but she soon finds they're nice in their own, odd way. And they make good pancakes. It makes missing home not so bad. 
But her new life screeches to a halt when local kids start disappearing mysteriously. It's a mountain town surrounded by an ominous forest -- maybe they just got lost? Determined not to be one of them, Kayla begins to investigate, and stumbles on a terrible secret. Haunted by what she sees, will she survive what comes next? 
Pretty Little Snacks is the story of one girl's journey into a world of mystery and magic. Set against the rural backdrop of the Oregon forests, this classic tale of a city girl adrift in small town life takes on a new edge. This book makes Hansel and Gretel look like a picnic in the park. 
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